My name is Jacqueline and in SoCal. I was always interested in entrepreneurship and I started a small e-commerce beauty brand. This was when I learned there was this thing called “marketing”. To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed! I began to seek out help, but not in time to save my little business. I had my first failure!

I started to really uncover what digital marketing was all about. While I was doing this, I stumbled across a guy that was making six figures online, and long story short, I got scammed! But did I learn how to set up funnels and systems? Yes, I did!

I started doing my own research and devoured hundreds of books. I attended masterclasses, I found a mentor and I asked a lot of questions. This was when I started to realize that I can scale any business with the skills I was obtaining. I leaned in harder. I became an expert. I taught under Jacob Caris, Pedro Adao, James Martin, and now in a mastermind through David Sharpe.

All of this has led me to a path of true financial freedom. I can now work from home, travel, and take care of my family from literally anywhere! If you are looking for a mentor in affiliate marketing, let’