What kind of content should I write?

What kind of content should I write?

This online stuff can take a toll on you when it comes to content. You could be sitting at your computer for hours trying to come up with something that relates to your business. These days we know how important it is to keep creating content. Is it really though? Is it driving you crazy? Don’t let it! Instead, learn, and take action.

You are probably thinking it’s your mindset and your brain is just so overwhelmed. You think for sure it’s all those negative qualities that are brought up when trying something new. Do you see how your mindset can go to extremes and overwhelm you? You may not need a brain makeover, but you may need a simple adjustment.

If you just go back to what you did in the first place, you will suddenly find yourself energized. You wanted to help people, you wanted to solve problems, you wanted to educate.

You see, this online thing is for people that keep it simple. They simply show up, serve, offer, and provide a good enrollment process.

The hard part of content creation for example- is just a small symptom. Don’t let it stop you from showing up well in your business. Go back to the basics and keep things simple.

Some other ideas if you’re still stuck, try these things:

Give Value – you can do this in quite a few ways

Challenge Them – Get them to do a mindset shift (like hmm I’ve never thought of that before!) 

Stories- I find this hard, but go through your pictures or text and pull from something recent.

Industry Topics- People ger FOMO! People love to on-trend. They will consume every last bite of something that gives them an advantage.

About You- people buy from who! Go ahead and post that photo. Do you go to the gym, cook, or sew? Post little things like that and people will appreciate your willingness to be venerable and connect. 

All of this posting warms up your audience and makes them more likely to purchase from you, if not now, in the future.

I hope this helps to give you some ideas and helps your business.

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